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    ambient / instrumental music band from Istanbul

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  • 9th March


    ODTU Rock Senlikleri

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About Us

NA!F was founded by 3 naive men who have always wished for better music. Regardless  each had played on different bands in the past, they have never been far apart from each other.
With the sound they make, they want to go beyond their limits by hiding non-written lyrics into voices of their instruments and by making tunes they also could listen on their own path. These tunes that is aggressive and melancholic just like their path.
You’ll see NA!F members playing around electric guitar, drums, keyboards, synth and electronic sounds. It is the music for who wants to be part of a new story every time.
Mevlut Uzun – Piano / Synth
Melih Gucer – Guitar
​Cuneyt Caliskan – Drums




NA!F on “BacktotheSound”

NA!F ile tanışın!

NA!F on “Bir Baba Indie”

BBI YERLİ #50 | Tarzlara sığmayan müziğiyle İstanbullu trio NAİF (@naiftheband#BBIYerli‘de bu haftaki konuğumuz oldu.

NA!F on “MuzikEkspres”

NA!F’ten Manifaturacılar Çarşısı’na Özel Kayıt: Unkapanı Session